Halal Food in Phuket
Explore the best Halal food in Phuket - Pad Thai, Pad Krapao or Burgers

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Halal Food in Phuket

Phuket has incredible things to offer. We’re not only talking about its rich and vibrant culture and history, but also it’s incredibly diverse food range. Having tons of influence from both the Chinese, Portuguese and Malay, it’s safe to say Phuket is the place to explore multi-cultural food.

Phuket, the largest Island in Thailand, has a population of around 500,000 people. Phuket residents consist of approximately 20% percent Muslims. Muslims living here are mostly of Malay decent, though considerer themselves as Thai. This has created a huge source of Halal food and Halal restaurants Phuket. Visiting the Island, you’ll find all types of Halal food and the best part, it can be found more or less everywhere!

The Southern part of Thailand, including Phuket, also has some of its own food specialties such as Gaeng Som (Spicy Sour Soup) and Gaeng Kee Lek (Thick Curry with Siamese Senna), Bai Lieng Pad Kai (Stir Fried Malindjo Leaves with Egg) as well as the famous Phuket originated dessert, shaved ice, called O-aew

Gaeng Kee Lek แกงขี้เหล็กฃ (Thick Curry with Siamese Senna)

O-aew โอ้เอ๋ว (shaved ice dessert)