Halal Food Disclaimer

ThaiFoodHalal’s mission is to encourage more Muslims to travel to Thailand by creating content that makes it easier for Muslims to plan their trips.

The issue surrounding Halal is complex, which we understand and pay utmost respect to. Finding Halal food for traveling Muslims can be a difficult task since Halal food regulatory standard might differ from their home country to Thailand.

Therefore, every restaurant, street food vendor or eatery listed on our website is a result of careful and thorough research and from personal experiences. At ThaiFoodHalal, we try our very best to ensure that all listings are Muslim friendly and serve Halal food. We also try our very best to make sure that all information listed at publishing date are correct.

However, establishments and/or their menus are subject to change. Therefore, ultimately it’s the responsibly of each individual to verify directly with the establishment of their Halal status. We strongly recommend that you, re-confirm with the restaurant before eating at said establishment.

Lastly, we acknowledge the fact that the tolerance for Halal food may vary across each individual, especially in a country like Thailand where Muslims are not the majority. Thus, it’s highly advised that you make dining decisions at your own discretion.

We at ThaiFoodHalal.com appreciate our readers, and thank you for using our site.