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Thailand has almost 4,000 Mosques scattered around the country. Though, the majority of Mosques can be found in the Southern part of Thailand. The province that has the most Mosques is Pattani which is located at the very Southern region of Thailand, having more than 700 Mosques.

Mosques are an important part of the cultural and religious landscape in Thailand, as the country is home to a significant Muslim population. Mosques can be found in cities, towns, and villages throughout the country, and they serve as a place of worship and community for Muslims.

One of the most notable mosques in Thailand is the Masjid al-Haram, or the Grand Mosque, in Pattani. This mosque is considered one of the largest and most important in Thailand, and it is a popular destination for both Thai Muslims and tourists. The mosque is known for its stunning architectural features, including a large central dome and four smaller domes.

Another well-known mosque in Thailand is the Masjid al-Dhikr, or the Remembrance Mosque, in Bangkok. This mosque is located in the heart of the city and is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. It is known for its beautiful Islamic architecture and its large, ornate dome.

In addition to these larger mosques, there are many smaller mosques throughout Thailand that serve the needs of local Muslim communities. These mosques may be more modest in size, but they are equally important to their communities and play a vital role in the spiritual lives of the people who attend them.

Overall, mosques in Thailand are an integral part of the country’s cultural and religious fabric, and they serve as a vital source of support and community for Muslims throughout the country.

Typically in Thailand the word “Masjid” (มัสยิด) is also used when referring to a Mosque. Every Thai Muslim knows and uses this word.

Finding Mosques in Thailand, especially in Bangkok, isn’t incredibly difficult either. The Thai capital has nearly 200 Mosques available for Muslims bothers and sisters to go for prayer. 

Here are some notable and stunning Mosques that you can find in Thailand.

Indonesia Mosque, Lumphini -

Indonesia Mosque

Lumphini District, Bangkok, Thailand

Ban Ho Mosque, Chiang Mai -

Ban Ho Mosque

Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

Nuruddee Neeyah Mosque, Phuket -

Nuruddee Neeyah Mosque

Phuket Province, Thailand

Pattani Central Mosque, Pattani -

Pattani Central Mosque

Pattani Province, Thailand