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You’ll see many Thai markets and vendors in Bangkok selling all types of mouth watering food that also is cheap and delicious.  Halal food can be found in Thai markets that are located in Ramkhamhaeng, due to a fairly broad population of Muslims living in this area. Though, typically if you walk around any larger Thai markets or in an area with lots of street vendors, you’ll eventually find a few Halal stalls with Halal food.

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Halal Restaurants Bangkok

Bangkok has an endless amount of Halal restaurants available to explore and try out. Whether you are craving Halal burgers or Halal traditional Thai food, finding Halal restaurants in Bangkok is fairly easy using ThaiFoodHalal.com!

The capital of Thailand, is an incredibly diverse and large city with a population of more than 10 million people, living and working here. People come from all over Thailand, many looking for better working opportunity, some move here for other personal reasons.

In Bangkok, which Thai people call Krung Thep, translating to “City of Angels”, you won’t only meet Thai people. People from all around the world come to visit the Thai capital to travel and explore the beautiful country and its rich culture and cuisine that is famous world-wide. The city was after all listed as the top most visited cities in the world in the year 2021.

There are hundreds of Bangkok Halal restaurants. You can find restaurants in all price ranges, varying from very affordable to somewhat affordable to expensive. It all depends on the type of Halal restaurant you choose.

Many Halal restaurants in Thailand are unfortunately not available on the internet and can therefore be a bit of hassle to find. The majority of these Halal spots are small restaurants that mainly focus on providing food locally, typically near and around Mosques and or nearby communities. These small spots also open fairly early in the morning and close before or around noon, so be sure to check the opening and closing hours of each listed Halal restaurant. However, in some cases these small restaurants might close as soon as their food has been sold out.

We at ThaiFoodHalal.com hope to connect our Muslim brothers and sisters with the local Thai Muslim community by listing these small and cozy Halal spots on our website for you to discover, with the permission of the owners.