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Is KFC Thailand Halal?

If you’re a Muslim brother or sister traveling to Thailand, there is a high chance you’re longing to eventually try KFC. It’s recommended you first read and inform yourself regarding whether or not the KFC in Thailand is considered Halal. Is KFC Thailand Halal?   KFC Thailand Halal In Thailand, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is …

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Hasim Halal Food

Amazing Thai and International cuisine in Patong, Phuket Image by Hasim Halal Food via Facebook Previous Next Image by Hasim Halal Food via Facebook This Phuket Halal spot is located in the very popular tourist destination – Patong, Phuket. Hasim Halal Food offers amazing food variations, ranging from authentic Thai food to Western and International …

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Raan Ni Biy

The most delicious Khao Gaeng you can find in Bangkok Image by Thai Food Halal Previous Next Image by Thai Food Halal This hidden gem is located inside a small Soi nearby the Indonesia Mosque in Lumphini area, Bangkok. Cooked and run by Ni Biy, this amazing Halal spot, serving ready to eat curries and …

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Kub Khao Baan Mae

Halal Food/Thai Food/Noodle Soups Image by กับข้าวบ้านแม่ via Facebook Previous Next Image by Kub Khao Baan Mae or กับข้าวบ้านแม่ in Thai, meaning along the lines of “Food From Mom’s Home”, is Halal restaurant in Bangkok that serves deliciously cooked food made with love. Some of the Thai Halal Food’s include Khao Soi which is …

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Yana Restaurant MBK Thai Food Halal


Serving Halal certified Thai and International foods Image by Yana via Facebook Previous Next Image by Yana via Facebook Serving Thai and International foods, Yana Restaurant is a halal restaurant located in the famous MBK shopping mall. The restaurant has received Halal certification from the Halal Affairs Department, The Central Islamic Council of Thailand, guaranteeing …

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